392_PackardThe Apple City F.D. is the name given to Ron Manwaring's collection of fire related items. It has been the feature of several newspaper and television stories. The collection includes thousands of slides and pictures of fire apparatus, over 300 toy and model fire trucks, antiques related to the fire service, an antique 1948 Ford FMC High pressure fog truck, a 1957 Ford American LaFrance pumper, 1975 C-900 Ford American pumper , a two bay Fire Station, and a Three-bay Fire Station currently under construction. It is all located in Murphysboro, Illinois
Eng_392_Eng_6_in_2009The Apple City F.D. has been a stopping point for lots of people and fire equipment. 


Eng_7_and_392 MPS_at_ACFD

Murphysboro Engine 7 makes a stop at the ACFD after a 4th of July Parade

MPS Engine 861 called the ACFD home for it's first two months in Murphysboro.
MFDeng8_6 ron_governor
Bill Crawshaw, Brian Miller and Brian Manwaring stand in front of Engine 392 and Engine 8 (Still a Murphysboro truck in this photo) Illinois Govenor Jim Thompson visits with Ron and Sparky before a parade in DuQuoin.
Engine 9 at ACFD Engine 11 at ACFD
 The Murphysboro firemen take a break from hydrant testing with Engine 9 Engine 11 stops at the ACFD.
 scan0019 chief2SSPARKY
 The ACFD in front of 614 Illinois Avenue Two Dalmations, Chief (left) and Sparky have ridden proudly atop the ACFD trucks
eng 392 and chaffee truck eng 392 and iron mountian in maryland hts
 For a brief period of time the Apple City FD had a white Dodge in the fleet.  The truck originally from Chaffe, Mo was sold to the Dowell, IL FD before returning to a private collector in Chaffee.  Engine 392 and Brian Miller's Iron Mountian truck (a 1946 Chevy from Cobden, IL) made the trip to St. Louis for the Great Fire Engine Rally.  They spent the night in the Maryland Heights Fire Station.
three trucks infront of acfd  IMG 0726
 The three Apple City FD trucks lined up in front of the North 6th Street Station in 2010.  "Jake" and "Brandy" joined the ACFD in the summer of 2015 and love riding on top of the trucks