On May 25, 1957, the City of Murphysboro, Illinois signed a contract with the American LaFrance Corporation of Elmira, New York for a 500 GPM pumper to be built on Ford F-800 purchased from Morgan Motor Company in Murphysboro. The cost from American LaFrance was $6998.00. The truck (Serial Number F-3014) was shipped on October 30, 1957 and arrived in Murphysboro via Illinois Central Railroad on November 4, 1957.

In Engine 6 served as the primary in-town truck from December 1957 to 1960 with the delivery of Engine 7.  Engine 6 then became the primary out-of town truck - a roll it would have for nearly 30 years.  In 1990 is spent a few months as a reserve truck in Station II.  1991 marked the end of rural firefighting responsibility for the City of Murphysboro and after taking delivery of Engine #10 (a 1991 GMC/Towers with a 55' Aerial) the City of Murphysboro gave Engine #6 to the Village of Gorham.


In 1998 Brian and Ron Manwaring purchased the truck from the Village of Gorham.  The truck was begining to show its age after 41 years of active fire fighting.  The last 7 years of sitting outside had definitly taken a toll on the truck as can be seen in the photos of the truck taken the day Ron and Brian got the truck back.  After making mechanical repairs to the truck, it received a new coat of red paint by Danny Tow of Vergennes.  The truck was re-lettered by Jack Irwin of Sparta.

9/28/14 UPDATE: Engine 6 is currently in pieces for repair.  The old truck was having trouble getting around and we discovered the 6 of the 8 cylinders had low compression.  Parts for the 332 engine in the truck are almost non-existant and have been very hard to find.  The engine is currently at a machine shop awaiting a rebuild and once we locate an intake manifold we hope to get the truck back on the road again.

Eng6_002 eng6_stat1 1957
Engine 6 arrived in Southern Illinois from Elmira, NY via Illinois Central box car.  The above picture appeared in the Southern Illinoisan. Fireman Marnati and Gilloly look at Engine 6 inside Station I. 
The truck is positioned as the "in-town" truck in this picture dating is somewhere between 1957 and 1960.
eng6_on_ramp Eng6_003
Engine 6 with the Murphysboro Firemen Engine 6 (and 8 in the background) sit on the ramp at Station I
Eng6_004 Eng6_005
Engine 6 parked just north of the station on 10th  Street around 1979 Engine 6 in the late 1980s
Eng6_007 Eng6_006
A very tired looking Engine 6 the day Ron and Brian received the truck Engine 6 sat outside for 7 years at Gorham and it has been rough on the old truck.
eng6_before_painting Eng6_Eng392
After lots of hard work, the truck was begining to show potential
but the red paint on Engine 6 was too tired to save
Engine 6 and 392 pose for thier first picture together in the Spring of 1998.
Eng6_009 Eng6_010
Engine 6 with a fresh coat of red paint The truck looks a little bare having been stripped down to receive
its new coat of red paint.
Eng6_011 Eng6_012
Jack Irwin of Sparta paints the lettering on Engine 6 after her new coat of paint Engine 6 poses for a picture at Murphysboro High School after restoration was completed.
Eng6_013  IMG_0786
Engine 6 in front of the Jackson County Courthouse  Engine 6 in an Apple Fesival Parade