ACFD Station #1 is located at 811 North 6th Street.  It was constructed in 1990 by Murphysboro fireman John Loyd and Brian Manwaring.  It is a two-bay wooden framed structure.  The bell tower on top was constructed by Brian as a Christmas gift to Ron.  It replaced the original bell tower which began to deteriorate from exposure to the elements. 

The ACFD was home to MPS Engine 1 for two months.  The 1990 FMC was delivered to the newly formed department before their station was done and the newly built ACFD had just enough space for the new truck. 

MPS Engine 1 when store at the Apple City FD in 1990

ACFD also has a functioning radio console which is used as a backup EOC for the Murphysboro Emergency Management Agency. 

 acfd_sta1_001  acfd_sta1_002

 This is how 811 N 6th Street looked before construction of the

 In this photo the concrete has been poured and construction is
about to begin on the walls.
 acfd_sta1_003  acfd_sta1_004
It was all hands on deck for this photo as the first of the heavy 12-foot
high wall were stood up.
Brian is sitting on top of the wall attaching trusses as they are
lifted into place
acfd_sta1_005 acfd_sta1_006
Wright's Building Center unloads the siding for the new firehouse Nearing completion, the station only needs garage doors and a
gravel driveway
Setting_belltower_1 setting_bell_tower_2

Davis Crane Services was enlisted to assist with the setting of
the new bell tower in 2005.  The new one was constructed by
Brian as a surprise gift to replace the original one which was
detiorating from the weather.

Brian waits on the roof as the new bell tower is lifted into place.
IMG_0658 IMG_0659
This Fireman's Prayer was made by Fireman Steve Will.  He gave  it to
Ron in 2010.  It is proudly displayed in ACFD Station I
There is a full complement of turn-out gear hanging on the wall next to
Engine 6.
 img_0654  img_0657