The newest addition to the ACFD

acfd_staII_NightIn January 2008 with the purchase of former Murphysboro Engine 8, the ACFD had outgrown it's two-bay fire station. Construction began on an additional three-bay engine house at 614 Illinois Avenue.  It was constructed on property which had previously been home to an abandoned house. 

The structure is a post-frame building.  Chris Will Construction was contracted to set the poles and trusses.  Brian has completed the rest of the building with the help of friends and family.  Progress on the building has been slow, but is continuing.

618_Ill_Ave_in_1998  IMG_0272
 This is the way the property looked in January of 1998 .  The
abandoned house was removed by the city later this year.
This is the way the site looked as Stanton Excavation began to
 IMG_0280 614_Ill_ave_from_google
  This is the view captured by Google just prior to construction
acfd_StaII_Const_1  Acfd_StaII_Const_2
This is day one of construction Chris Will Construction gets equipment and materials ready to begin
Acfd_StaII_Const_3  Acfd_StaII_Const_4
 The poles for the west wall are set. We are preparing to set the 1st truss in place.
 Acfd_StaII_Const_5  Acfd_StaII_Const_12
 The 1st truss is being lifted into place as Brian waits on top of the
East wall.
 Brian guides the 1st truss into place.
Acfd_StaII_Const_7 Acfd_StaII_Const_8
This is where construction ended after day 2.  Several days of rain
halt construction for a week.
Engine 8 makes a quick stop to check out it's new home.  You can
see the humidity in the air on this sticky July evening.
Acfd_StaII_Const_9 Acfd_StaII_Const_10
After several delays (one of which was Brian falling from the roof)
three of the walls and the roof have been completed.  Construction
is begining on the front wall.
Brian added to the "collection" with the purchase of this Kioti tractor
to assist with the many tasks of building the structure.
Acfd_StaII_Const_11 Acfd_StaII_Const_6
Work slowly continues on the front wall.  Engine 8 has moved in
because it's temporary home in Murphysboro Station II was taken
over by the Div 45 MABAS Decon unit.
Ronnie and Ashley pose for a picture in the bucket truck while
working on the front wall.
Acfd_StaII_Const_13 Acfd_StaII_Const_14
Another picture of Ronnie and Ashley in the bucket truck.  Younger
sister Madison is with Grandpa in the foreground.
The brick work has started on the front wall as the three ACFD
trucks pose for a picture in November.
Acfd_StaII_Const_15  Acfd_StaII_Const_16
Brian makes progress on the brickwork on a chilly fall day in
 Good progress was made by early evening as can be seen in this
 IMG_0403  IMG_0677

On May 8, 2009, Southern Illinois was affected by a derecho which
caused major damage throughout the region and resulted in a
Federal Disaster Declaration.  One of the vicitims of the storm
was this 100' communications tower at the Murphysboro City Hall.
  Brian would acquire this tower from the person contracted to
clean  up the mess and rebuild a shortend tower from it which is
installed at ACFD station II,

Workers from Blue Valley Public Safety in Kansas City, Mo work to
load two sirens as Ron watches on in December of 2010.  The
STL siren (originally from Topeka, KS) will have the motor removed
to repair a siren for the City of Murphysboro.  The remaining shell
will be installed at ACFD Station II.