Ron_Manwaring_1971Ron Manwaring moved to Murphysboro in 1972 after graduation from SIU.  He took a job as a patrolman with the City of Murphysboro.  During this same time he also served as a voulnteer (paid-on-call) fireman for the Murphysboro Fire Department.  Ron served many years as a Sergeant of the Murphysboro Police Department.  In 1996, he was promoted to Chief and served until his retirement in 2002.  In 2009, Ron officially retired from the Murphysboro Fire Department and became a lifetime member of the Coal Belt Fireman's Association.

Eng_392_Ron_Manwaring_in_2009 Chief_Manwaringron_sparky_392
Ron beside Engine 392 in 2009  


Ron in his Backdraft apparel


 Ron (on the ladder) assist John Loyd and Richard Martin at a
house fire in the 900 block of Maple Street